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Innovation Research

Innovation Research

In R&D strategy and architecture, QC set a R&D centre in 2006, and the rapid expansion in the past few years as a design team of over 40 people.

QC hopes via three ways to deepen R&D architecture.

Firstly, to strengthen team of R&D, though campus recruitment, the talent introduction to expand the team size, to expand engineer team from current 40 develop to 100 gradually in the few years.

Secondly, to enhance engineer technical competence, via developed training plan, bring up more expert who have a good knowledge of system knowledge and can excavation customer demand.

Thirdly, strengthen cooperation with universities, to develop capacities of R&D center (including basic research) to achieve a world-class lever.

QC R&D department’s innovation based on customers demand, service in a variety of attractive markets and industry segments. Our business scope are including materials, connector, junction box, PV module, monitoring system, power optimization, micro-inverter.

QC focus on four major areas: green can replace energy, lighting, communications electronics and automotive electronics. Behind the four innovations direction, implies a global strategy of internationalization.