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Superior product from the fast technology innovation and strict quality control, QC focus on famous institutions and international enterprises cooperation since it established, effective realization of advanced technological achievements and market transformation.

QC has cooperated with international famous institutes, such as Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, National Semiconductor, Tigo energy, Sunsniffer and so on.

To process the forefront PV control research, product design and development and market applications. Our main products including solar intelligent control system and junction box, the intelligent PV power optimizer system, cable connector series, splitter, and multi-function terminals, outdoor precision waterproof connector and so on. The design of the product is Originality and leading with reliable performance suitable for harsh environments and long-team work. The connector system having a greater current output and reliable sealing connection. Excellent electrical insulation and resistance to the external environment, the solar modules and connection system security, reliability and move forward on step!

Meanwhile, keeping close contact and cooperation with TUV and UL organizational, always maintain product performance keep with world’s standards and lead to industry standards.