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Kirahon, Mindanao, Philippines Plans for a 20MW fixed tilt ground-mounted PV systems 16/11/2012

Plans for a 20MW fixed tilt ground-mounted PV systems known as Kirahon Solar Power Project are being developed in the Philippines.

Owned by Cagayan Electric Power & Light Co (CEPALCO), the project will be built on 50 hectares of CEPALCO-owned land in Kirahon on the Phlippine island of Mindanao.

The project will be implemented in 10MWp phases. The first phase is expected to be commissioned in 2013. The project will utilise polycrystalline silicon modules whilst a European supplier is expected to be selected to provide inverters. When complete, it is estimated to have an annual output of around 28,000MWh.

At present, CEPALCO is evaluating three shortlisted bidders to provide EPC services. The company is also evaluating and negotiating financing options. Initially, it is seeking US$22.5 million for each 10MWp of installed capacity. Up to 70% of the project cost is expected to be sourced from domestic commercial banks.

Cost c.45 million
Equipment Polycrystalline silicon modules
Site size 50 hectares



Ground Mounted




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