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QC SOLAR No. 4 plant successfully build completed 2014-03-07

Recently, QC SOLAR No. 4 plant successfully build completed, with the PV market’s development and potential demand, photovoltaic industry facing opportunities and challenges again, technical support, production capacity requirements,  so sales network becomes the key index in the new round of competition for PV connection manufacturers. In order to catch opportunities, meet the rapid growth of market demands, improve the delivery ability and win the future market development, senior leaders of QC solar make decision decisively to invest and construct a new plant around 10000 square meters in the base of two plant about 20000 square meters inSuZhouand XuYi. Within half a year, the new plant was build completed and put into production formally. The factory will be mainly used for PV junction box and as connector assembly workshop. The scale ofSuzhouplant will increase double than before, and annual output will increase 50%, that will help to meet the rapid growth demands.

QC SOLAR plan to update and bring in advanced automatic technology equipment to No.4 plant, to speed up the assembly efficiency of junction box and connector, improve the quality of products. QC SOLAR general manager Tank Duan said: "the expansion of the plant will let our production capacity be a tiger with wings added, QC solar is one of the earliest established PV junction box enterprises, we will, as always bring in advanced technology, first-class management experience and practice experience, to continue support the development."

For QC solar , 2014 is an very important year, No. 4 plant built completed, many large companies come to our factory do audit, to discuss further cooperation, QC Solar will restart the IPO and a variety of good news are coming. QC Solar was founded in 2005 March, next year will be just established of full ten years, QC SOLAR will provide better quality, more reliable, more rest assured products for customers with nearly a decade technology experience.

Below is the aerial view of QC SOLAR Suzhou plant: