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Basic Knowledge About Solar Junction Box 09/01/2013

Speaking of solar junction box, maybe many people do not know what it is. But I think everyone knows about solar energy which gives us a lot help, not only in the aspect of the demand for energy but also in that of our environmental protection. And today I introduce you fresh thing which is related to solar energy as well. It is solar junction box.

solar junction box

Then do you know what solar junction box is and what features does it have by compared with other junction boxes? The following are the things we will talk about later.

Solar junction box, short for J-box, is a kind of connector that connects all components of a solar cell. The most important task of it is conducting out the electricity generated by the solar cell with the help of cables. Compared with other junction boxes, J-boxes have four basic features since the particularities of the places solar cells are used and high price of solar cells.

First, the hull of the solar junction box must have strong capabilities of ageing resistance and UV-resistance. Since it is used in the outside circumstance and plays its role by absorbing solar energy, it must have the capability of being resistant to ultraviolet light.

Second, the solar junction box should be applicable outdoor even under very bad conditions. We know anything can happen outdoors. As it is used outside, which has many unthinkable harsh conditions, protecting measures will not give consideration to every aspect. So, it should be durable and everlasting than other junction boxes.

Third, the settings of solar PV junction box should conform to the electrical safety requirements. This requires it has excellent cooling mode and reasonable lumen that can accommodate the volume of an object, so as to lower the inner temperature efficiently.

Last but not least, it should have good waterproof and dustproof protection to provide users with safe connection scheme. As it is dangerous to deal with things that are related to electricity, we should be more careful to take measures to avoid accidents.

Of course, some professional testing should be done before J-boxes are lunched on the market to ensure the safe use of these products. And currently, the quality tests for junction boxes are mainly based on the TUV&UL certifications and so on. Every solar junction box manufacturer is making efforts to ensure their efforts can go through the authentication of TUV and UL and so on. Take QC-Solar, for example, all its products have been approved by TUV & UL.

To sum up, J-boxes have some particularities that enable them to function in such hard environment. Some measures that guarantee its safe use should also be done as much as we can.

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