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US solar PV cell, module imports fall 2/3 year-over-year 11/01/2013


US solar PV cell, module imports fall 2/3 year-over year

     The value of solar photovoltaic(pv) cells and modules imported into United States from China dropped to USD 75 million in October 2012 from USD 213 million in October 2011.

      October’s import levels also represent a 33% sequential decline in value from USD 113 million in September 2012. The Coalition for American Solar Manufacturing(CASM) credits the impostition of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on such imports for this decline.

      “Our indusry’s struggle to counter the Chinese government’s drive to illegally dominate theU.S.solar market is gaining ground,”said SolarWorld Indusries President Gordon Brinser.

      “Our mission was always to preventChina’s government-sponsored, anti-competitive market distortions from derailing the healthy, competitive and clean development of the world solar industry.We are encouraged to see some progress in restoring fairness and competition to this market”

     Malaysiabecomes leading source of US PV imports

      However, as US imports of Chinese PV and overall imports have fallen, the value of imports fromMalaysiaandTaiwanhas increased, to USD 154 million and USD 34 million respectively in October 2012 .Malaysiais now the largest source of imported US PV cells and modules.

      Import duties between 24% and 250% on Chinese PV cells and modules made from those cells were confirmed on December 7th,2012.

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