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Major Characteristics and Quality Inspection of Solar Junction Box 16/01/2013

Undeniably, the whole solar energy industry has been developing at a significantly high speed over the past few decades. What's more, the rapid development not only has brought to us incredible benefits but also has dramatically transformed our daily lives. But, while enjoying the incredible benefits brought by the solar energy industry, have you ever noticed those solar energy apparatuses, especially solar junction box? Although it is true that solar junction box is just a very small electrical component, it actually exerts a heavy impact on many solar applications and the entire solar energy industry. Here we shall mainly guide you to explore into solar junction box, especially the major characteristics and quality inspection of solar junction box from the following three aspects.

Junction Box-QC091721 Series

To begin with, it seems necessary for us to get to understand the definition and development history of solar junction box. As far as the definition of solar junction box is concerned, we generally define it as an electrical component which is designed particularly for providing electrical interconnections between several solar modules in the solar system. Presently, solar junction box is still quite fresh. This is because solar junction box only has a very short development history. To be more precise, solar junction box has a development history of no more than one hundred years. However, it should be noted that the entire industry of solar junction box has already achieved great success in the world.

Secondly, much attention should be paid to the major characteristics of solar junction box. Unlike the conventional type of junction boxes, solar junction boxes offer us safer, faster and more reliable electrical interconnections. Besides, the cover of solar PV junction box is equipped with excellent anti-aging property and good anti-ultraviolet performance. In addition, the protection grade of solar junction box is very high. In the meantime, solar junction box is also equipped with superior fireproof performance and good heat dissipation performance. Moreover, compared with the conventional type of junction boxes, solar junction boxes feature good weather resistance. For this reason, solar junction box can operate normally in harsh environments.

In the end, considerable emphasis should be placed on the quality inspection of solar junction box. Unlike the conventional type of J-boxes, solar junction boxes have to undergo extremely strict quality inspection. To be specific, related quality inspectors not only have to carefully inspect the chemical performance, electrical performance and mechanical performance of solar junction box but also have to thoroughly check the anti-aging property of solar junction box. Furthermore, the quality inspection of solar junction box is supposed to be performed in strict accordance with related regulations such as UL test and TUV test, etc. For instance, all solar junction boxes from QC Solar have passed all the necessary quality tests and inspections.

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