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Brief Introduction to PV Junction Box 22/01/2013

A PV junction box, short for photovoltaic junction box, is a waterproof junction box installed on the back of photovoltaic modules. It mainly consists of junction box and connector. The PV junction box is of great importance to photovoltaic modules. Its major function is to connect and protect solar photovoltaic modules and transfer current generated by the photovoltaic modules.


Because of particularity and expensive price of solar batteries, PV junction boxes are required to possess the following characteristics: firstly, their casings should have strong aging and UV light resistance, which makes them apply to outdoor severe environments; secondly, they must have an excellent cooling mode and reasonable inner cavity volume to decrease inner temperature so as to satisfy safety requirements of electricity; thirdly, in order to provide safe connection for clients, they must possess good water and dust resistance.

With growing energy crisis and environment pollution, solar, as a renewable resource, has enjoyed widespread popularity because of its safety, clearness and environmental protection. Thus, the solar PV junction box has got rapid development. More and more solar PV junction box enterprises emerge. As the junction box is to provide safe, fast and reliable connection, it must pass TUV, UL, IEC and other certifications. All PV junction box enterprises are devoting themselves to gain such certifications.

In the field of PV junction box certification, TUV certification of Rheinland, Germany has high reputation and recognition. For the purpose of avoiding repeat test and saving authentication cost, Rheinland TUV certification is capable to offer relative certifications for parts of PV junction box. For PV part manufacturers, their products can be applied by various PV junction box manufacturers without extra tests. For pv junction box manufacturers, if they choose PV parts that get TUV certification of Rheinland, they can not only save much authentication cost, but also reduces fail risk of certification.

If a company wants to apply for TUV, UL and other certifications, it must submit relative information of company and its products, and then give a quote for its products according to the information of products. After passing through type test and factory audit, such a company will gain relative certifications.

Through launching of certification work of PV junction boxes, the safety and reliability of photovoltaic junction box can get effectively guaranteed so as to improve overall performance of PV junction boxes and provide security for the stable operation of photovoltaic system. It not only meets requirements of PV junction box manufacturers, but also further promotes healthy and orderly development of photovoltaic industries.

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