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A Small Junction Box with Amazing Design 07/02/2013

Major purpose of junction boxes is to offer best protection for wires and subassembly in the boxes. Due to rapid growth of technology, greater progresses in junction boxes have been made. They involve the use of more advanced technologies or reasonable designs. Let's know their superiority from some frequently applied junction boxes. A junction box is typically made up of cover, two-electrode valve, connecting line, connecting terminal, etc.

Solar junction box

I think there is no need of recommending too much about the significance of solar. Being popular is not a big deal today. Solar junction box is an integral part of solar module. Experts point out whether solar module can serve you for longer time mostly depends on the junction box. Importantly, solar junction box is designed for solar module but not others. In order to protect solar module, this type of junction box is able to be resistant to water, UV and aging.

You can purchase three types of solar junction boxes from solar junction box manufacturers – they are monocrystalline silicon which may offer highest working efficiency but cost you more; polycrystalline silicon which features longer lifetime with reasonable price; amorphous silicon junction box in terms of manufacturing material.

PV junction box

We all know how excellent the solar junction box is. It's also recommended that you can own this smart PV junction box designed by QC solar company. This smart junction box involves the use of cloud computing, sense technology, MPPT technology, networking, etc. Solar PV system may be affected by rust, cloud or smoke. After being influenced, this may lead to fire disaster or low efficiency. It's fine. Smart PV junction box can avoid these faults.

BIPV junction box

BIPV junction box

Next commonly used junction box is BIPV junction box. Let's know what the BIPV means first. BIPV is short for Building Integrated Photovoltaic. Compared with most types of junction boxes, BIPV junction box is smaller and lighter. In order to be pretty or harmonious design, junction box is always hided into the wall.

Smart junction box

Smart junction box is also attractive. For instance, SolarSpec smart junction box invented by Molex is involved with SolarEdge technology. This new smart junction box offers a base attached directly to the solar PV panel, a removable cover assembly, monitor, burglary protection system as well as remote diagnosis.

Nowadays, junction boxes are apt to tiny with being involved with high-tech. They work well thanks to boundless wisdom and technology growth. In a word, junction boxes play a simple part but are very important.

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