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How Much Do You Know about Junction Boxes 18/02/2013

The overall scale of the solar junction box industry has been expanding at a very rapid speed over the past decade. At the same time, a huge number of companies have already joined the rank of junction box manufacturer. For example, QC Solar is just a high-tech enterprise specialized in the production of different types of junction boxes. It seems that junction box has already an indispensable part of this modern society. Want to know more about junction boxes? Here you have come to the right place. Here we shall provide you with some basic knowledge about junction box from the following three different perspectives.

BIPV Junction Box

Firstly, it's pretty necessary for us to get to know different types of PV junction boxes and their major characteristics. Indeed, there are many different types of junction boxes today. For example, there are regular junction boxes, smart junction boxes and the latest PV junction box, etc. Moreover, these junction boxes greatly differ from each other in terms of performance and specific application, according to solar junction box manufacturers. But, it should be noted that all types of junction boxes feature excellent heat resistance and good waterproof performance.

Secondly, much attention should be paid to the proper installation of different types of junction boxes. We all know that junction boxes are mainly used for electrical interconnection. Thus, all types of junction boxes must be installed in a proper way. Generally speaking, great care should be taken to the exterior wires that connect the terminals of junction box and related electrical apparatuses. In most cases, the exterior wires are supposed to be long enough. Besides, the contact surface between exterior wires and junction boxes also should be large enough to avoid short circuit. Apart from these, in installing different types of junction boxes, we also need to carefully check the sealing rings of junction boxes and make sure that all the junction boxes are sealed properly to prevent junction boxes suffering from rain and steam.

Finally, it's equally rewarding for us to take a look at the market situation of junction box at the moment. Nowadays junction boxes have been pretty common in our daily lives. What's more, these junction boxes, especially BIPV junction box have been playing an increasingly important role in many industries. Naturally, different types of junction boxes sell pretty well on the market these days. On the other hand, with the rapid development of the entire junction box industry, we have been witnessing a dramatic decrease in the cost of junction box. Most importantly, a large variety of new-typed junction boxes have been available on the market right now. For instance, PV junction box and solar PV junction box have been widely applied to the solar photovoltaic industry.

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