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BIPV Junction Box Ⅱ


BIPV Junction Box Ⅱ 06/03/2013

On the first day of 2013, QC Solar launched it’s new BIPV Junction Box . The BIPV Junction Box has a briefer structure and a more flexible installation than the BIPV Junction Box. The BIPV system will be more convenient and cheaper. Its concise appearance is another advantage of the new BIPV Junction Box.

BIPV Junction Box includes two compact ribbon leading-out terminals which are tightly connected with the laminates. This tight connection makes the electric connection much more reliable. Collocated with a BIPV special harness makes the system more concise. Meantime, according to the system the harness can be customized, this innovation avoid the miscellany of the BIPV Junction Box. Combined with the QC3S which QC Solar developed for the BIPV system will make the connecting system more compact and make a perfect match between the products and construction system.

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