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The Choices of High-quality Solar Junction Box 08/03/2013

The solar junction box is very important in the composition of solar modules. The main role of it is that it can connect the power and the external line which produces solar battery. The solar junction box is stuck to the back of component through the silica gel. The wires in the component are connected together through the internal wiring box. And then internal wiring and external cables are connected together, which makes the components conduct with the external cables. The junction box has a diode, which can ensure that the components can work normally when there are no lights. The shell uses imported advanced production of raw materials, so it has high resistance to aging. The shell is suitable for harsh environmental conditions. And the life of its usage can last for more than 30 years. According to the need, two or six connection terminals can be placed in the shell. All the connection modes are the quick plug-in connections. The TUV & UL junction boxes are the best ones.

The PV Junction Boxes are very special and expensive. Excellent model of heat dissipation and reasonable lumen volume can reduce internal temperature, which can meet the electrical safety requirements. The best effect of the protections of waterproof and dustproof provide the safe plans for the users. The shells are made of transparent materials, and they stick to the glass wall surface, which not only have no influence of the lighting, but also make the house more beautiful. The solar PV connectors are using metal terminals, and the outputs of terminals are in the shells. Every output of each connector, which is corresponding to each terminal, is provided with heat dissipation protrusion. And the output ends of terminals extend to the radiating neuritis. So you should screen the junction box supplier.

BIPV Junction Box

The bypass diodes of the solar junction box are connected at two ends of batteries which are put together, and then the diodes are in parallel with the batteries. When the batteries are full shined and normally produce energy, the electricity flows through each cell. The electricity doesn't pass the battery which can not work normally, so as to prevent the damage to the battery. From the ideal point of view, each cell should be connected with a bypass diode, but this is not the economy. And the BIPV Junction Box should also provide conditions of heat radiation sufficient for these diodes.

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