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New Product!QC Venus series PV Combiner box 08/03/2013

On March 8, 2013 , QC Solar launched it’s new product “QC Venus series PV Combiner box”. QC Venus use PC materials With acid proof, alkali proof, uv protection, IP65 High protection class ,light weight, high strength, etc to Meet the high altitude, coastal beaches, such as high temperature, high humidity and high corrosive environment.

 QC Venus系列光伏汇流箱新品上市

The CTO of QC Solar said that QC Venus can Meet the different needs of users for solar grid-connected power generation, The transparent skin box of Venus are made of PC material with high strength and resistance to ultravioletThe transparent skin box makes it easy to view and Maintenance the inside part. QC Venus have various types, At maximum, it can access 8 photovoltaic phalanxes at the same time. The Combiner box has wide input voltage range that the max allowable working current can be80A, the open-circuit voltage is DC1000V; It also has the High-tech DC Rated Fuses and its withstand voltage is DC1000V; QC Venus has the 40 ka lightning protection unit. Dc input use photovoltaic dedicated circuit breaker, in order to provide a more reliable over-voltage and over-current protection. Photovoltaic array input can be connected quickly with QC4 Connectors. It is easy installation, high efficiency and safe. 

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