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Bright Prospect of Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System 11/03/2013

Fossil fuels, coal, oil and others discharge greenhouse gas. It is the main factor of polluting the air. The development of a large number of renewable energy can protect the atmospheric environment and play important roles in social and economic development. Clean and renewable energy include water, wind, solar energy, fuel cell, ocean energy and so on. Solar energy is mainly used in power generation, such as solar branch energy-saving lamps and solar photovoltaic junction box.

smart junction box

Solar photovoltaic system converts the solar energy into electrical energy. The technology has been more mature. Photovoltaic power generation system consists of solar array, batteries, charge and discharge controller, inverter, solar junction box, solar cable and others. Solar junction box plays a very important role in parts of solar energy. The power is generated by solar cells. Its main function is that connect the power with the external circuit through the solar panel cable. Photovoltaic power generation system's main advantages are as follows. It doesn't discharge the harmful air; there is no greenhouse effect and noise; it is reliable and its service life is long. It is a kind of clean and renewable energy. The system is mainly used for urban and rural residence, desert area and networking of industrial power supply. Photovoltaic power generation system has not only advantages, but also disadvantages which can not be ignored.

During the process of making the photovoltaic devices, the energy consumption is very large. Thus, develop modern energy-saving production process is necessary. And the photovoltaic power plant investment cost is high. With the development of technology, the industry continues to expand the scale; and the cost of the photovoltaic power generation will continue to reduce. Renewable energy has an important position in the balance of the energy supply and demand; while the application of the photovoltaic power generation is the development trend of the photovoltaic system.

Of course, making solar power truly realizes the civil level. There are two main problems to be solved. One is to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of solar energy and reduce costs. The other one is to realize the connection of the photovoltaic power generation and the power grid. High-power grid-connected photovoltaic system has very broad prospects.

The extensive application of the smart junction box plays an important role in protecting environment. As society continues to progress, the application of the solar energy will be more and more extensive. The solar energy photovoltaic system will be improved greatly.

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