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Junction Box, How Much Do You Know 15/03/2013

Solar junction box plays a vital role in home furnishing and decoration. As we all know, the electric wire needs to pass through circuit pipe. However, it needs a transition part when it comes to the joint section of the electrical circuit. Such a junction box has double functions. On one hand, it can protect the wire. On the other hand, it also plays a bridge role in connecting two electrical wires. Then, this article will aim at the structure composition and various junction boxes.

In terms of the structure, the junction box is made up of such parts as box lid, box body, binding post, diode, connecting wire and connector. The casing of junction box needs strong capacity of anti-ageing and anti-ultraviolet rays. The self-locking function paves the way for convenient operation and fixed connection. In the meantime, the whole design of the junction box should be good waterproof, electricity-preventative and sealing, which can make sure better safety property. The installation of amphenol connector should be as firm as possible. Besides, the connector and connection wire must be equipped favorable insulating property.

smart junction box

In order to satisfy various application occasions, several different junction boxes have been made, such as QC solar junction box, photovoltaic junction box or waterproof junction box and so on. The following will introduce several popular junction boxes in details.

Solar junction box comes very first, which is based on solar cell. It connects solar cell array and solar charge control device and it combines electrical design, machine design and material science. Its main function is to connect the electricity generated from solar cell and external electric wire. Compared with others, the useful life of solar junction box is as long as 30 years. What is more, it can be used under the complicated and severe environment. The adopted high-ranking rough material enjoys excellent ability of ageing and ultraviolet ray resistance. In recent, more and more solar junction box manufacturers would like to expand the application range based on the comprehensive performance.

Anti-explosion junction box is designed for explosive gas atmosphere and explosive dust atmosphere. The top characteristics of such a junction box are cast aluminum alloy case and surface flame plating. Waterproof junction box can turn to several different materials like ABS engineering plastic, makrolon material and fiberglass reinforce plastic. Strong waterproof function is the most outstanding characteristic of this kind of junction box. In addition, BIPV smart junction box is another popular one.

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