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Broad Applications of Solar Energy Resources 18/03/2013

Solar energy is the most important renewable energy resource whose application is extremely broad, such as solar heating, solar thermal power, solar biogas, brackish water desalination, solar junction box, solar cable, solar panel cable and so on. When the concept of solar thermal and photovoltaic is gradually accepted and put into practice in vast region, we should broad the future of solar power in new fields. Therefore, the novel ways of solar application must be figured out, which not only provide breakthrough to resource utilization but truly improve live standard as well.

Solar collectors, such as flat plate collectors and evacuated tube collectors, are able to produce hot water in the summer through lithium bromide absorption chiller refrigeration, which is available to provide domestic hot water throughout the year as well as the use of air conditioning and winter heating. The driving heat source temperature is about 75 ~ 90 Celsius degree, and the system can be equipped with an auxiliary energy or heat pump in order to run automatically according to the weather. Solar air conditioning system is suitable for central heating and central air conditioning. The application prospect of solar junction box is wider. For example, the hot and cold bi-supply system in the construction and agricultural and industrial production can be used to hotels, guest houses, schools, hospitals, swimming pool, aquaculture, greenhouse planting and other buildings. Absorption chiller can also be applied to industrial production in various industries, such as electric power, chemicals, fertilizers, alloys, ceramics, textiles, iron and steel, taking the advantage of waste heat in the production process.

Solar sightseeing electric car generates power by absorbing solar energy through efficient solar branch, leading to the vehicles driven by the solar energy drive which will not cause environmental pollution. Solar sightseeing electric cars are suitable for residential areas, parks, and attractions. Served as the sightseeing vehicle, the solar electric car will not do harm to the environment while enjoy great market potential. The solar electric car has been put into practice at present, receiving positive reflection of the application effect from all aspects. Apart from those, the solar electric car can extend the mileage and own mature technology nowadays, the promotion of which is sure to produce huge economic and social benefits.

smart junction box

The hybrid solar food drying system consists of heat, humidity, ventilation, automatic control, kiln construction and insulation doors. The control system includes a front-end machine and the host, which is a high-intelligent control equipment. The system host is a multimedia Universal Computer configuration with a large-screen display and a capacitive touch screen. The front-end of the machine is a microcomputer control system for exclusive use. Food drying system has a very wide range of applications. It can not only be applied to the drying of bacon, sausage, but also for the dry of other dried meat, fish products and meat products. At the same time, the system is fully functional, stable, reliable, and easy to operate as well as easy to operate.

The wind and light complementary lighting system uses wind turbines and solar cell to transfer the wind energy and solar energy into electricity for road lighting device. The two power generation systems complement each other in a single device, providing higher reliability for the lighting, which also have extensive promotion of the practical value. The lighting system is free from trenching embedding, transmission and electric supply. What's more, it can be installed randomly, and has low maintenance cost, low voltage electrical hazards, while it uses clean renewable energy, making it a real high-tech environmental protection and energy saving products. The wind and light complementary system represents the future direction of the development of the urban road lighting which is being put into practice currently in Europe, America, and Japan. The smart junction box can be used in road lighting, residential power supply, and power supply of the island, towns and villages. Especially in remote mountainous areas, islands and many other places where conventional mains cannot be set, this solar powered system has more obvious economic and social benefits.

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