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PV Junction Box - Special Features and Development 20/03/2013

Photovoltaic junction box is an indispensable component of photovoltaic system. It typically consists of box, diode, connecting wire, as well as connector. It has many strong points and develops fast.

Advantages of solar PV junction box

It's able to adapt to bad environment. Solar panels live by the Sun. This means pv junction box inevitably works at a condition with high radiation or high temperature. Thanks to reasonable design and excellent materials, pv junction box has the ability of resisting UV, water, corrosion, etc.

It prevents hot mark effect. What's hot mark effect? Some parts of the cell become hot after these parts are covered by something. This is hot mark effect. It's likely that this results in low efficiency and even the damage. PV junction box has the ability of preventing hot mark effect mainly due to Bypass Diode.

In order to keep stable performance or be higher creditworthiness, pv junction boxes must get relevant certificates such as Germany TUV. Any part of the pv junction box can do the testing. If they are qualified, then manufacturers can get TUV certificate.

PV Junction Box

Certificates also are an important factor to make consumers decide whether buy your products.

Innovative achievements

Although pv junction boxes are better than conventional junction boxes, a few drawbacks have been discovered during 25 years of utilization. Junction box is generally only used for PV panels' connection and current transmission. However, its generating efficiency was often affected by chimneys, bird droppings or black cloud.

Now, a smart junction box can prevent this. It involves cloud computing, MPPT technology and Internet of the things. It's able to eliminate breakdowns by analyzing, counting or monitoring.

Helios Hercules PV junction box which is cost effective and versatile is developed by Amphenol Industrial. It's characteristic of unexceptional diode that is fit for any pv panel's specification, a standardized exterior box, NEC2008 standard of connectors, etc.

Cyntech Components, the Electro-mechanical component supplier released a new pv junction box in 2011 – universal solar PV junction box designed for silicon solar photovoltaic modules. This new junction box features three surface-mounted bypass diodes, 2-8 standard ribbon cables/non-ribbon crossing cables and custom service.

Recently, Amphenol Industrial Global Operations successfully optimized pv junction box by adding integrated SmartModule Technology offered by Tigo Energy manufacturer. This new junction box is certified to CSA for general use power supplies.

PV junction box involves the use of mechanical design, electrical design as well as material. These features make solar junction box special and outstanding. It's still developing through these achievements. New problems may appear every day. And, market demand is growing. Keeping developing would be the only way out to earn a position in the junction box market.

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