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Four Steps for PV Junction Box...


Four Steps for PV Junction Box Selection 27/03/2013

Wide application of smart junction box leads to rapid development. Nowadays, there are many kinds of junction boxes with innovative technologies and attractive functions. While, problem is whether pv junction box you choose is matchable. There are several suggestions that may help you out.

It's necessary to get a general picture of common types of pv junction boxes

General speaking, you may find out crystalline silicon, non-crystalline silicon, explosion proof, water proof, curtain wall junction box, etc. When it comes to this part, think about where do you want to use junction box and what the characteristic of solar panel is.

If you are using crystalline silicon panel, crystalline silicon junction box would be the best choice. Likewise, non-crystalline silicon junction would be better for non-crystalline silicon panel. Then, curtain wall junction box may be more suitable for glass curtain wall.

When pv junction boxes will be installed in special environment, you may consider explosion proof or water proof junction box. Although you just need a PV Cable, your selection is usually related to solar panel.

2. You'd better purchase them from famous or familiar suppliers

Perfume has become an indispensable item for most female. What's your choice facing all sorts of brands? Answer may be Chanel. Perhaps, it costs higher than clothes. While, Chanel perfume is worth choosing.

By the same token, pv junction box offered by famous junction box supplier/manufacturer is worth considering. Well-known suppliers/manufacturers also offer customers innovative junction boxes. For example, you may consider junction box from Amphenol industrial or Cyntech Components. When you are not familiar with this supplier, make sure that this supplier can provide TUV&UL junction boxes.

solar panel connectors

3. Option of suitable rated current

Current of the junction box refers to short-circuit current as well as maximum current at a working condition. How to make sure the current is proper? At this moment, you should take illumination intensity of working environment into consideration. Then, do a test to get rated current.

4. Pay attention to components of junction box

A PV junction box assembly is typically made up of diode, connector, connecting wire, etc. Each of them plays a great role. Check them carefully with your professional knowledge and experience to make sure they have good performance.

A few people think it's easier to select junction boxes than solar panel connectors. If you make a decision without considerations, choice becomes harder. Instead, it's simple when you take a few factors into account.

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