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Magical Solar Energy – It Creates Various Solar Products 29/03/2013

Solar energy has a magical power. We can see it in all walks of life. One of the benefits that people are familiar with is to generate electricity. Besides this, superiority of solar energy creates a number of products. Nowadays, these products like solar vehicles, solar junction box or solar cable completely capture customers' heart. In recent years, many great progresses have been made. Solar products become diverse.

Solar panel

With wide utilization of solar panel cable and solar branch connector, people apply their intelligence and professional knowledge on solar panel. Generally speaking, solar panel is a little large and inconvenient. Fortunately, a team from Stanford University invents the peel-and-stick solar panel. As its name implies, its speciality is that it's able to attach to any surface with adequate energy supplement.

photovoltaic junction box

It's light, thin, tiny and you can take this solar panel along as it's easy to stick to cell phone, helmet, windows, clothes or any other surfaces. It's amazing. Right? There is no need of worrying its performance after being used for many times. This innovative product adopts silicon, silicon dioxide as well as metal. For a majority of people, this inexpensive, portable, reusable solar panel is a wonderful item when traveling, working or something else.

Solar trousers

This pair of casual solar trousers is invented by Japanese Silvr Lining. Its magic is that it contains a pair of built-in photovoltaic junction box in pockets. Hence, they allow users to charge their cell phones by connecting the USB on panels at any time they want. Additionally, these unique trousers feature great lightness, water resistance, toughness, stain-repellent, etc.

A paper solar battery

This solar product has a peculiar name -  "paper solar battery". Of course, it's not paper. Instead, it's produced based on wood pulp with flexible and low production cost feature from a research group of Japan. According to Japan Daily News, research group from Osaka University involves the use of plant fiber of wood pulp as the raw material and produces it to be a transparent material. It's said that it creates lower photoelectric conversion efficiency. You never know. Maybe one day it's efficient, very useful and popular.

Solar energy is the radiant energy produced by the Sun. Its application is totally in accord with social need and growing trend, as it's clean, free as well as eco-friendly. Solar junction box has more power than we can imagine. It has a long way to go. We also are expecting that there will be more surprises created by solar energy.

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