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Each Junction Box Has Its Strong Points 07/04/2013

Junction boxes play a very important role in solar battery pack since it can not only transfer the electricity produced by solar batteries to outer circuit but also can protect solar batter pack well. Junction box is a comprehensive design with combination of electricity design, machinery design and material science and so on, and when the junction box plays its bodyguard function, it makes use of properties of diode to make solar batter pack still work normally while there are bad factors happening, and in this way the loss can be reduced properly. At present, there are many different junction boxes on the market, and each junction box has its strong points.

BIPV Junction Box

Solar junction box is the connector between the solar battery and the solar charger control device, and its main function is to connect the electricity produced by solar batteries with the outer circuit. Solar junction box can be used under nasty environmental condition with service life as high as 30 years, and all its connection ways can choose quick inserting method.

PV junction box is mainly made up with junction box and the connector, and its main function is to connect and to protect solar PV pack, and to guide electricity produced by PV pack for use. Besides, the junction box should build a closed space with the junction system, and in this way the junction box can protect wires and its connection from the influence of the environment, and at the same time it can also protect electric parts well.

BIPV junction box is widely used in building field now. BIPV means building integrated photovoltaic, and in order to make buildings more beautiful, the BIPV junction box is hidden inside the building structure, and in this way the weather can not affect the junction box at all. What's more, the BIPV junction box can integrate with the building perfectly.

Silicon junction boxes are popular on the market as well since silicon is widely used for fixing junction box so that the guide wire can be connected with the junction box.

There are so many J-boxes on the market, and every type has its strong points. Therefore, when we are choosing a junction box, we should know what kind of junction box is most suitable for us first since we need to make use of the strong points of the junction box and avoid its shortcomings so that we can always choose the best one finally.

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