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Achievement Method and Advantages of BIPV 16/04/2013

The Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system mainly makes use of solar energy to generate electricity. It has the working principle that the photovoltaic junction box is installed on the surface of partial structure of the building for providing electric power. The system has many advantages. It can effectively make use of the outer surface of the building, and it does not require extra land or the construction of other facilities. It can save outer decorative materials including glass curtain wall, etc. The BIPV system allows the building to have better look, can assist the power supply, reduce the load of air conditioner in summer, and change the hot environment of the rooms. The photovoltaic application technology has become a new type of technology which is a new viable choice for architecture.

The Building Integrated Photovoltaic has the working principle that the BIPV junction box which is a kind of intelligent junction box and shortened as j-boxes is installed on the roof. The roof of the building is used as the installation place for the photovoltaic array has many advantages. The j-boxes can enjoy good sunshine condition, be free from the shielding of other objects, and receive enough solar radiation. The photovoltaic system can be installed on the roof of the building tightly so as to reduce the influence from the wind. At the same time, the solar componenets can replace the insulation layers to shield the roof. In addition, the solar components with the integrative area which is the same as the roof area of the building adopts comprehensive materials to save cost, and the price of solar conversion facilities in certain area can be greatly reduced, and the matching function of the building roof is effectively used.

photovoltaic junction box

The BIPV junction box which combines the photovoltaic electricity generation technology and the architecture has many advantages from the point of view of architecture, photovoltaic technology, and economy. Firstly, it does not take up precious land resource. Secondly, the photovoltaic power generation on the building does not require the installation of extra basic facilities. Thirdly, the BIPV can greatly reduce the energy consumption of the building so as to achieve the building energy saving aim. Fourthly, the BIPV can reduce the cooling load of the rooms in the building. Fifthly, photovoltaic power generation on the building can provide new creative method for improving the appearance of the building. Sixthly, the BIPV is environmental protective and can improve the whole quality of the building.

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