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Importance of TUV&UL Authorizations of PV Junction Box 25/04/2013

Confronted with the problem of electricity shortage, we should take a series of effective measures to solve the problem. For one thing, we can try to save electricity as much as we can. For another, we must find a way to use renewable and inexhaustible resource to produce electricity. The electricity saving way can only temporarily relieve the energy shortage, and therefore, using other energy such as solar energy to produce electricity is an eternal relief to solve the problem of energy shortage. The solar energy is converted into the electricity by using a lot of components including the solar panels, PV junction box, the solar cell array, the cables, etc.

The solar PV junction box is one of the components which play predominated roles in the solar system. It is made from the electric cables produced from halogen-free flame retardant material by using the high energy ray irradiation cross linking process. The photovoltaic junction box has the advantages of high temperature resistance, UV ray prevention, water prevention, ozone resistance, strong short time overload capacity, long service life, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, oil resistance, etc. The advantages allow the BIPV Junction Box to be widely used in the fields of solar power stations, photovoltaic systems, etc.

BIPV Junction Box

The solar PV junction box must pass TUV&UL authorizations because the solar energy is so widely used all over the world, and the performance of the solar J-boxes must meet the requirements from the TUV&UL authorizations. The UL has the full name of Underwriters Laboratories which can test the solar PV junction box to make sure if it can meet safety standards. The TUV has the full German name of Technischer Uberwachungs-Verein which is a German organization that can test and certify the solar PV junction box for safety. When the photovoltaic junction box passes the TUV&UL authorizations, it can be safely used all over the world.

Not all solar PV junction box manufacturing enterprises can have the opportunities to be authorized by the TUV&UL. The enterprises should have certain scale that means the production line is reliable and stable and the products are abundant in variety. The PV junction box manufacturing enterprises should have the export entitlement for Germany and America that means the junction box products produced by the enterprises can pass the national safety standard at first. The TUV&UL marks on the PV junction boxes are the passports for the manufacturing enterprises to explore the global market.

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