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Solar Junction Box Is Used for Solving the Problem of Energy Shortage 10/05/2013

Today, the problem of energy shortage becomes more and more predominated among other problems that happen to the world. It is hardly unnecessary to develop a new type of energy which is renewable and clean for people to use. Thanks to the intelligence of the scientists, the solar energy is finally commonly used in people's life for providing heat and electricity. The solar energy is converted by the PV equipment into the electricity which facilitates our life. One of the most important PV devices is the smart junction box. The solar junction box is an important part in the circuit of the solar system, and it is used as a connector between the solar cell array and the solar charge control device.

smart junction box

The PV junction box is used for reducing the number of the wires between the PV components and the inverter. It reduces the number of the connecting wires by increasing the cross section of the cable so as to save space and decrease the complication of the solar device. The J-boxes are designed in different types such as the BIPV junction box, the silicon junction boxes, etc. which are the main boxes in the market, and they have different features. The BIPV junction box is mainly used on the buildings. It is designed to be small in size, and when it is installed on the glass curtain wall of the building, it will not influence the day lighting effect of the room or the appearance of the building.

The BIPV junction box is sealed J-box which have the features of good heat conductivity, stability, water prevention, dust prevention, high adaptability, UV radiation prevention, aging prevention, etc. It can withstand the complicated weathers. Everything has two sides, and it has advantages but also has disadvantages. The BIPV J-boxes have an inconvenient soldering connection method that the cable conductors are extended into the box from the cable entries on both sides, and then, they are welded onto the metal terminals.

The silicon junction boxes adopt the lamelliform metal terminal soldering method. The silicon J-boxes have the advantages of small size, better heat dissipation ability, stability, sealing performance, water prevention, dust prevention, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, fire resistance, compact structure, etc. The silicon junction boxes also have the disadvantage that it is inconvenient to repair after it is sealed. There are more different types of J-boxes available in the market, and they are used for meeting different use requirements.

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