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Dutch government considering incentives for 70 PV projects 20/05/2013

20.05.2013: The Dutch Ministry of Economy has agreed to consider 70 PV projects in the frame of its 2013 new renewable energy incentive scheme (SDE+) despite the fact that the government previously stressed the scheme would concentrate on onshore and offshore wind projects and biofuels. The government has not disclosed the combined capacity of these 70 solar projects, but it did say proposals for 30 wind projects totaling 229 MW have been received. Upon PHOTON’s request to provide more details on the capacity and incentive rates, a spokeswoman for Agentshap NL, the Dutch government agency responsible for distributing PV incentives, said: »70 PV solar projects have not yet been granted incentives in the frame of the program SDE+. These projects have been applied for Tuesday the 14th of May, the first day of the second phase. These projects will be treated and assessed in the next period.« Agentshap will publish more information on the PV projects on May 27. The government has established a 2013 budget of €3 billion for the SDE+ program. The program aims to promote alternative energy sources in the Netherlands, specifically wind, solar, biofuels and geothermal.

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