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Building Integrated Photovoltaic: A Perfect Combination between Structure and Nature 23/05/2013

In modern days, it requires lifestyle to be more and more environmentally friendly and low-carbon. The Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) has become the new developmental trend. Macroscopically speaking, the BIPV shows perfect combinations in the aspects of mechanics, aesthetics, and the power of science.

Requirements of the building in the aspect of mechanics

BIPV Junction Box

As the ordinary BIPV junction box, it can be used only if it can pass the test of IEC61215 and stand against the wind pressure of 130km/h as well as the hail stone in 25mm with the force of 23m/s. The photovoltaic module, which is used as the curtain wall panel and roof panel, need to reach the functional requirement of the photovoltaic module and safety requirement of construction at the same time. Therefore, it needs higher functional mechanics and different structure figure. At the same time, despite the photovoltaic module with the same size, it is maybe totally different if used in the different places, different building layers or installed in different ways. How to apply the most appropriate module needs accurate mechanical calculation.

Requirements of the building in the aspect of aesthetics

First of all, BIPV is a structure which is the art of the architect, and it is similar to the composer's music and the artist's famous painting. For the structure, light is its soul. Therefore, the structure requires high in supplying light. Most of the ordinary photovoltaic junction box has the function of blocking the light. If the BIPV module is installed at the tourist place of the building, the light of the place should be transparent. In order to reach the goal, the smooth white tempered glass should be used to satisfy the function of the building. At the same time, in order to lower the cost, the back of the BIPV junction box can use the ordinary armored glass.

Whether a structure is successful or not, a key point is the appearance effect, and even a tiny inharmonic place is not acceptable. The injection box of the ordinary photovoltaic module is usually pasted on the back of the battery panel, and the injection boxes are rather big, it is easy to influence the harmony of the whole structure. Generally, the architect can't accept it. Therefore, in the BIPV building, the j-boxes are usually omitted or hided, or adopt the intelligent junction box. And the requirements of both aesthetics and the structure can be achieved.

The combination of the building structure and the power

The power pressure and current should be considered in the course of designing the BIPV structure. While the surface of the building is different from each other in figure and size, it may cause the difference in power pressure and current.

Under this circumstance, to cut the surface of the structure to adapt with the battery panel in different size is an acceptable way to apply. By using this method, the integrate effect of the building can be satisfied in maximum degree.

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