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Photovoltaic Cable: Environmental Adaptability and Mechanical Load Resistance Capacity 03/07/2013

Solar energy technology will become one of the green energy technologies in the future. Solar energy or photovoltaic application becomes increasingly more and more extensive. But so far, many countries still stay in the learning stage. Building photovoltaic power plant of high economic efficiency and profitability represents the best important target and core competitive ability of all solar manufacturers. In fact, profitability not only depends on the efficiency or high performance of the solar component, but also can not get away from a series of parts; it seems that these parts have no direct relationship with component parts; such as cables, connectors and solar junction box.

The cable is usually not treated as the key component by human beings. But if the special cable solar is not adopted, this will affect the service life of the whole system. In the solar system, using the special solar cable and parts is very necessary.

solar panel connectors

Solar branch connector is the best connecting device of the solar power generation system. It can be used in extremely harsh environments. In fact, the solar system is often used in harsh environmental conditions, such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation. Solar cable is a kind of electron beam cross linking cable. Its rated temperature is 120°C. It can withstand the harsh climate and mechanical shock. In the outdoor environment, the service life of the solar panel connectors is 8 times longer than that of rubber cable. These cables and components not only have best wind and rain resistance and ultraviolet and ozone corrosion resistance, but also withstand the temperature change of larger range.

Therefore, these components have not only a good environment adaptability, but also strong mechanical loading resistance capacity. During installation and maintenance, the solar cable can be installed in the sharp edge of the roof structure. At the same time, the cable must bear pressure, bend, tension, cross tension load and strong impact. If the cable sheath strength is not enough, the insulation layer of the cable will be damaged seriously. This will affect the service life of the whole cable, or cause the short circuit, fire, injury risk and other problems. The solar cable has higher mechanical strength.

Based on the above reasons, the use of special solar cables and components in the solar system is very necessary. Photovoltaic cable has many advantages which are the common cable can not have. These advantages determine that the photovoltaic cable has a good market prospect.

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