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94 PV enterprises gained photovoltaic quota allocation from central Europe PV negotiation result 08/08/2013

Recently, European commission issued a list of 94 PV enterprises, since 6th Aug., these 94 commitment enterprises will request EU exempted from the anti- dumping duty on export wafers, cells and PV panels upon on price undertaking agreement. While others who not undertaking or not response will levy anti-dumping duty 47.6% or 67.9% on above mentioned products by EU. Reporter cleared up 40 enterprises who will be levied high anti-dumping duties from surveyed 134 PV enterprises the other day. List as following: M% x9 B$ g

1. Alternative Energy(AE) Solar Co.Ltd ( B2 e' U/ W- J  r

2. AnHui CQSunpower technology Ltd. E' ^: B  T3 K( W6 R" F6 X

3.AnHui Titan PV Corporation

4.ChangzhouSunyooo Solar Co.Ltd.

5. CSG PV Tech Co.Ltd

6.Jiangsu Oubao Solar power tech Ltd.d; G: {" F& G- s

7. EOPLLY New energy tech Co.,Ltd

8. GreenWay Solar Tech Co.,Ltd

9. Suzhou Jiri New Energy Co,.Ltd

10. Himin Clean Energy Holdings Co., Ltd

11.Jetion Solar(China) Co., Ltd.

12.JiangxiRisun Solar Energy Co., Ltd

13. JingGong Shaoxin Sunpower Tech Co.,Ltd.

14.Zhejiangblue sky new energy Tech. Co.,Ltd'! F! m  D6 J% ~' ~- K

15. Nanjing Daqu new energy Co.,Ltd

16.Ningbobaishide Sunpower Co.,Ltd

17. Ningbo South new energytechCo.,ltd

18.Zhangfe new energy techCo.,ltd

19. Qindao jiaoyan lamps Co.,Ltd

20.Shanghai Propsolar new energy tech CO.,Ltd; Propsolar new energy (Zhejiang) tech CO.,Ltd  l&  y8 D& \6 ^) g

21.Shanghai Yuzhao Energy Technology Co., Ltd.0 Jiangsu Yuzhao Energy Technology Co., Ltd.X* s5 ?7 ~) T

22. Shanghai Topsolar Green Energy Co., Ltd.7 B- U3 Y0 ^$ e1 S# g" @

23. Shenzhen ancient photoelectric Co., Ltd.

24. The days pass Cmi Holdings Co., Ltd. ~9 r3 e  q- E0 ~7 h* M& E

25.Tianwei New Energy Holdings Co., Ltd. Print-Rite new energy (Chengdu) photovoltaic Components Ltd

26.. Winsun New Energy Co., Ltd p6 }- a# c  R" A

27. TheUnited StatesGlobal Energy Industry Co. Ltd.

28. Wuxi Shangshang Photovaltic tech CO.,Ltd

29.Xiamen Sona new energy Co.,Ltd

30. Yunnan Tianda photovoltaic Corporation

31.Zhejiang Heda Solar Technology Co., Ltd.# [& U) ?8 X( i" n3 r7 U! s8 B

32. Zhejiang Koly energyCo.,Ltd7 I"

33. Zhejiang Longbai Photovoltaic Technology Co., Ltd.

34. Zhejiang Mega Solar Energy Ltd1 g6 T' D' `

35.ZhejiangXuhui Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.R7 }. {0 @3 p+ ]

36. Zhejiang Shouke Technology Co., Ltd.0 f  `% C# b$ C" F3 s2 H

37. Zhejiang SUNRUPU CO.,Ltd

38. 2Zhejiang Golden Sun TechnologyCo., Ltd.O* G. V( X8 E9 ~

39.ZhejiangWangxiang Solar Co.,Ltd

40. Zytech Engineering Technology (Qingdao) Co.Ltd

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