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Congratulations on Passing Cleaner Production Audit 21/12/2011
Our company smoothly passed by suzhou industrial park economic and trade development council and suzhou industrial park environmental protection bureau organized jointly suzhou industrial park cleaner production audits acceptance in 2011 November 25,. Through the development of clean production work, we further improve the resources, energy efficiency, and cut emissions of pollutants, to create a better social, economic and environmental benefits creating good conditions.

With the effort of our cleaner production audits group and all the employees。 Our company passed the SUZHOU SIP cleaner production audits acceptance which orgniazed by Suzhou SIP economic and trade development council and the environmental protection bureau of suzhou SIP. Through the clean production work, QC Solar further improve the resources and energys’efficiency, and cut the emissions of pollutants, and created the good conditions for better social, economic and environmental benefits.

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